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What about the cross?

I wrote the following for the Killeen Daily Herald with the theme of total surrender in mind. And then I read over Christmas an aggravating book by a man reportedly to be heir of C.S. Lewis's legacy (undoubtedly coined by his publisher but not undenied by the author). But his book (which will remain nameless since I don't endorse his rationale) while arrogant and wrong-directional, did put me in mind of the question for the title of this blog entry.
What about the cross?
     Christianity without the cross is unconscionable, but is not undoable. Many who profess the faith have become quite capable of practicing a cross-less Christianity.
     The cross is a stark reminder that we follow a crucified Savior who of course literally died to purchase our salvation. And yet, Christianity often seems oblivious to the repeated calls by Christ Himself for us to take up the cross and follow Him.
     No, we are not blind to the imagery of the cross. The cross dons our steeples and dec…