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Evangelism Conference is Today, Feb. 7th

Today is the Evangelism Conference at Taylor's Valley Baptist Church. It begins at 4:30 p.m. with Breakout sessions, a 5:30 meal ($7 for adults, free for kids) and worship with Randy Frazee and Rief Kessler at 6:30 p.m. 

Today's devotional was originally posted on Aug. 31, the day we first distributed the BELIEVE books. 
     Today's devotional ends a trilogy of sorts about giving: giving of your time, giving of your resources, and today, giving of your faith story through evangelism. It also goes right along with Pastor Randy's message from Sunday, Aug. 28, "Lost or Found. "

     In fact, take a look at a portion of Randy Frazee's book Think, Act, Be Like Jesus(I know it is not until week 20, but take a sneak peak at it below from pages 152-153).

     The other Randy, Dr. Randy Wallace, said Sunday, "Which road are you on? If you keep going on the way you are going, where will you go?" Jesus did not say there was a traffic circle (reincarnation unt…