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Session 16: Biblical Community -- Do I "have to" go to church?

This devotional and chapter when we go through Believe may seem similar to Belief #6 on the church. But Fellowship and Church is both a Belief and a Behavior. We need to not only know that the church is the bride of Christ. We need to practice fellowship. You may not "feel" like going to church, but if you really believe that Jesus loves the church, you are going to also put this love into practice by coming. 
     I love having my children with me. But almost as much as that, I love it when I hear my kids enjoy being around each other. And I especially love it when my kids tell me they have been to church, and are with their spiritual family. Now that they are adults, I can't make them go to church or want to hang around each other. But as a dad, I love it when they do and not because they "have to".        Someone said at church last week, "I don't want to leave this fellowship." That same night, another person said that they don't like b…