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Chapter 15.5 Baptist Beliefs and the Social Order

During the weekend of Disciple Now, we are pausing from our study in the book of Believe to look specifically at the family of humanity, the family of God, and the family of the home. Much of the following is based on the Baptist Faith and Message (BF&M) discussion “The Christian and the Social Order” (a phrase used as title of Article 15 of the statement) and “The Family” (Article 18). Otherwise the comments and questions below are mine. --TM
The Family of Humanity (Part 1)
    As we are at the mid-point of Believe, we saw last week that we as Christians should be totally surrendered to Christ and His Cross. After all, since He gave His all to us, in order that we should have all that He has, how can we do less?
    But what does that look like in the lives of Christians? All Christians are under an obligation to do what Jesus prayed in his model prayer, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Many have often wondered why the Bible does not speak more about …