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Chapter 15: Total Surrender -- Don't be killing grass!

At the Men of Integrity gathering in August, we were challenged to reach out to our community. Tony Nathan made a sacrifice when he was in high school to stand up for his beliefs and now he has been thrust into the limelight again to speak in front of crowds, something he really did not want to do. "God has a sense of humor," he told us. But he added, "If you don't move, you'll kill grass." 

     Are you moving? Are you reaching out beyond yourself. Or are you in your comfort zone and "killing grass." We need to be under the influence, not of alcohol, but of the Holy Spirit. We need to be totally surrendered to God. 

The following devotional comes from Zondervan to help us prepare to go through Believe. Be sure to get your free text book AND work book if you will not be at church on Labor Day weekend.

KEY QUESTION: How do I cultivate a life of sacrificial service?
A genuine decision to follow and obey God is a decision of total surrender. When G…