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Believe Chapter 14. Keep Christ in...Christianity

Killeen schools made the news this week because a teacher was told to take Christ out of the Charlie Brown Christmas. I loved how much Christ was in our Christmas programs at church this week and also at the Mother’s Day Out program last night. I am impressed with how our doors down the preschool halls are decorated with Christ. But even the church must be diligent to keep our focus on Christ.      Last week, I had not read far enough ahead to notice that BELIEVE was going to go back to the first parts of Deuteronomy 6 to include the command that it is the parents who are charged to teach their children about the Lord. But it doesn’t hurt to again say to parents as well as principals and public officials that Christians cannot deny, ignore or omit Christ. Parents, read the Christmas story to your kids this holiday, and not the Clement Clarke Moore one. No, the one from Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-12. And while you are at it, read it from the good ole King James…there is only one …