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13. Apply the Virtues in Bible Study

In Psalm 119 (see BELIEVE pages 216-218), we see in almost every one of the 176 verses something that we can gain from studying the Word of God. But it is not enough to read the virtues of God’s word, or even to hear them taught, as we see in the two foundations of rock and sand, found in the Sermon on the Mount. No, we must not only hear but also do what the word of God says.
     Adrian Rogers illustrates how we need to apply the virtues of the Word of God: Imagine a person who says, “Oh, pastor, I’m just so physically weak, I can hardly get out of bed. I’m so worn out.” After the pastor asks a few questions, he finds out that the man only eats one day a week, but only when it’s good weather and only when he feels like going to the restaurant. He doesn’t eat again until the next Sunday afternoon. No wonder he is physically weak.
     In the same way, some only eat spiritual food on Sundays. They not only don’t read or study the Word of God the rest of the week, they also do not …