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13. Appreciate the Value of the Treasured, Timeless Truths of God's Word

I just watched one of my favorite movies from 1990s, called Blast from the Past. It is a story about a guy who was raised in isolation in a fallout shelter, only to come out 35 years later to a very different world. He has with him baseball cards and stocks from companies that he has no idea how valuable they are. I guess the reason I like it is also because the values like honesty, trusting and innocence, which the main character clings to, are no longer valued in the society into which he emerges. Bible Study is a value that is often unappreciated by the world and unfortunately many Christians. Adrian Rogers in a sermon about Psalm 119, the longest psalm and longest chapter in the Bible, quoted a wise old saying, “These hath God married and no man shall part: dust on the Bible and drought in the heart.” We must appreciate the value of the Word of God. One of the first long sections of the Bible I memorized while in college was the first 16 verses of Psalm 119 (see BELIEVE pg. 2…