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13. Bible Study and Daily Direction

The passage in Nehemiah 8-9 is probably the closest we see in Scripture to our modern-day worship services on Sunday morning. It starts early in the morning and goes to about mid-day. The leaders read and explained the Scriptures. The people listened, understood and responded. If they didn’t understand, someone else was there who explained it to them.  Neh. 8:6 even says that the people responded with saying “amen,” raising their hands and bowing their heads. Some wept; others rejoiced. They confessed their sins; they prayed. They brought casseroles. Okay, maybe not casseroles, but they did eat and drink and shared their meals which is pretty close to a pot-luck meal (Neh. 8:12). Most of all, they studied the word of God and responded accordingly.  Like the society was in Nehemiah’s day, our society has drifted far from God’s word and obeying the lessons clearly proclaimed in the Bible. If there is anything that is shown from the Bible and in our personal lives, it is that we do not grow…