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Eternity: When God was "fixin' to take" Elijah to heaven

Can we agree that we can disagree? No I am not talking about the election, although I could and I have, obviously. I am talking about the Bible.
When you get to heaven, you will not see me in the middle of it, telling all of the rest of the resurrected humanity where they were wrong and I was right! Nor will we see anyone else there, save only the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ and even then it won’t matter who had the best theology.
I will see people in heaven who were not baptized by immersion. I will see some surprised people who likely did not think I would make it. And I very well plan to be surprised myself when I see people there that I would not have thought would have made it.
There may even be a few people missing from heaven that we all thought for sure were saved. The disciples never would have guessed that it was Judas who was to have betrayed Christ. Even when he left that night to betray our Lord, the disciples all thought he was going to give money to the poor.
This week,…