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Believe that God is loving AND righteous to humanity

When does all not mean all? When does whoever not mean whoever? When does world mean part of the world?
Do you take the Bible for what it says? BELIEVE on pages 121 through 123 shows that “Jesus’ offer of forgiveness and restoration to God for eternity is for everyone.” Yet some do not believe that all means all, whoever means whoever means whoever and world means the world.
All will not believe, but the Bible does say that all might believe, meaning they could believe. Many have questioned how could God create people that He foreknew would not believe. What about those enemies of Israel whom God commanded Israel to kill, including the babies?
Last week, we read in Gen. 15:16 that Abraham was told that “in the fourth generation (Israel) shall return here, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete.” God was patient with the Amorites, even sending His chosen people to Egypt for 400 years until the sin of the Amorites was complete. By the time Israel returned to the Promised L…