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Chapter 6 the Church: Does God Believe In Organized Religion?

“I don’t believe in organized religion” is one of those phrases that sounds smart but is actually dumb.
    Like “Love means never having to say you’re sorry,” a phrase which even Ryan O’Neal made fun of in the movie, “What’s Up Doc?” just two years after he starred in the movie “Love Story.”
    But ask yourself: what system in the world does not have some semblance of organization? Imagine a school system or the military without organization. Any and every business has some form of organization, even Google where the late-bloomer hippie employees go to work barefoot.
    Even families and households have some form of rules and decorum. You can’t just walk up to some strange house and take up residence there just because you like their neighborhood or social income. Any system without some form of structure will fail due to chaos.
    God has a purpose in “organized religion.” God is a God of order (1 Cor. 14:33). First Baptist Killeen has structure and problems, rules and hass…