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Believe Chapter 5: Identity in Christ

A new identity, a new name, a new family through adoption to God’s family, a new inheritance, a new birth, a new indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit within me, I am now a new creation with a new belonging in the body of Christ and have a new citizenship in my new home which resides in eternity.

     Becoming a Christian is so much more than just starting over. Yesterday, my daughter Rachel was in church with us along with her boyfriend, Daniel Salters, who is working his way up to major league baseball. Several weeks ago, she posted a news story about him in which he talks about his identity is not in being a baseball player, but who he is in Christ. See this link at

   This week we will be studying who our identity is in Christ. In Bible Study Fellowship, we will see that when John the Baptist came on the scene, they asked him, “who are you?” Later in the life of Jesus, Jesus Himself asked “Who do people say that I am?”

In Believe, a…