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Believe Session 2: A Personal God has a Plan for Me

A man I know has a son who professed his atheism to his father. Even though the young man had followed God and had professed faith in God at a young age, for a variety of reasons but primarily because God had not answered his prayers, he simply said he no longer believed in God.

    The devastated father wisely said, "Which is better? To go through life believing that there is a God who loves us and is orchestrating our lives with a divine plan or to think that all of life is purposeless, meaningless and completely random?"

    If we firmly believe that God cares for us and if we trust His plan and purpose is to prosper us and benefit us, our faith will direct our steps with confidence, assurance and resilience that cannot be vanquished. This is not some pie-in-the-sky Pollyanish, power of positive thinking technique. No, to believe in a personal God who cares and has a plan is a faith which is firmly rooted in the Bible from beginning to end.

    Our lives are a 70 year dr…