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Persevere when all else fails

Key Principle #7: Perseverance (part 2) Read Acts 5:12-42

Perseverance is especially needed by the church. Too often, we are not taught that the rewards of perseverance may in fact be persecution. In the west, it hasn’t as yet resulted in imprisonment, at least not commonly, but we are seeing more and more the world protesting the church when it takes Scripturally accurate stands for Christ.
This happens in the church and it happens in the world. Maybe at work, you are doing everything you should be doing, but the person in the next cubicle gets the promotion because he went to the bar with the boss and brown-nosed his way to the top. Or you missed getting the title of valedictorian because someone else transferred into your school and the grades transferred in by her weren’t as academically demanding as yours were.

There are times when a person will consistently tithe and follow God’s leadership and still face financial setbacks or even bankrupt…