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Confidence in God’s hiding place

Psalm 32 February 1, Day 32      When the young girl who would later be known around the world as Corrie Ten Boom heard her father read from Psalm 32 about a “hiding place,” she wondered what a hiding place was. 
     Years later, she saw her family make a hiding place in their small Dutch home in Haarlem, Holland, she saw a hiding place which would preserve the lives of more than 800 Jews who were being persecuted by the Nazis. Decades later, she would write a book by that same title but both the Biblical reference and her story explain that God’s hiding place is much more than deliverance from mortal enemies.
     David writes of the blessedness (32:1-2), gladness and joy (32:11) when we run into God’s hiding place from the unrighteousness of sin. Our sin cannot be hidden from the Lord, but the Lord can hide us from the penalty of our sin when we are forgiven. We can run unharnessed from the bit and bridle of the power of sin (32:9). And some day we will be forever separated from t…