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Are you happy?

Psalm 30 January 30
When believers are down, it is so comforting to know God is there. But God is not only the God of the down and out. There are times of great elations for the believer and David had been through some tough times and now was at a point of jubilation: the prayerful dedication of his new home.
If unbelievers can rejoice at joyful times, what is the difference for believers? Much in every way, as David shows. While others at times of celebration can point to perhaps their own good fortune or to the results of their own hard work, or even in praise to others who help get them achieve success, a believer can do these but ultimately must direct the attention to God (see Psalm 30:1).
We remember from where we have come. Even the child of a millionaire who has perhaps never faced adversity or failure, if they truly have come to God, must acknowledge that our Lord has forgiven our sins and thus has lifted us up. Being saved by grace alone evaporates pride and "self-eleva…