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Some things are just foolish

Psalm 14 January 14 Someone told me once that April 1 was “National Atheist Day,” and it wasn’t until later that I got the connection between that and this psalm.
I have never been able to track down this quote to be directly attributable to Abraham Lincoln, but if he didn’t say it, he should have. “I can see how a person can look down at humanity and be an atheist, but how can one lift up his eyes to the heavens and declare ‘There is no God.’”
If you haven’t noticed, atheism is gaining traction. There are a number of books out proclaiming that there is no deity. Which as the psalmist says is actually quite foolish.
Consider:Can you categorically state that there is no person in all of the world whose name is John-Jacob-Jinkleheimer Schmidt? As ridiculous of a name as it is, of course you cannot. Not even Google has the search capacity of telling us the names of seven billion people in the world. Even more foolish is to categorically state that there is no God simply because a person thi…