A Biblically based process for making and growing disciples

Please read the previous article on making disciples. This is part 2 of that column.
MasterLife was developed by a gentle but firmly committed pastor, missionary to Indonesia, seminary president and then senior vice-president of overseas operations for the Southern Baptist Convention. More than all of those things, Avery T. Willis, Jr. was himself a DISCIPLE-MAKER, influencing more than 250,000 persons through his material which has been out since 1980. MasterLife has been translated into more than 50 different languages. 

So what is MasterLife? In four separate parts, it mirrors our church’s motto of

 1. The CROSS=CONNECT. Our connection with Jesus Christ is foundational for discipleship. In Part 1, we will go through connecting with Christ in establishing a “Quiet Time” (a daily devotional time of prayer and Bible reading). With Christ at the center of our lives, we learn to connect with others in fellowship, witnessing and ministry. Each week in all of these studies, we disciples will memorize verses to affirm God's connection within us.

2. The PERSONALITY=GROW. Christ transforms our character through discipleship. In Part 2, we learn how to grow through God’s Spirit teaching, guiding, directing, empowers and even intercedes for us to do God’s will and work. Our flesh is our old fallen nature, our spirit is our new resurrected nature, and our soul is the battle ground.

3. Our VICTORY=SERVE. Spiritual warfare raises its head in numerous ways, but make no mistake: we are in battle. Part 3 leads us through Psalm 119 and its emphasis on Gods Word. Even Jesus relied on the truth of the Scriptures to fight and achieve victory in the temptation battle with the devil. God gives us principles for victory standing in truth, praying in faith, and wearing the armor of God.

4. Our MISSION=GO. The Great Comission (Matt. 28:19-20) is not primarily about evangelism, missionaries, going, or baptizing. Part 4 disciples us to make disciples through relationships. This is our ultimate mission for which God has saved us! We will learn our spiritual gifts He has given us for our mission in life. We are saved for this purpose.

If you read ALL of this, pat yourself on the back! If you want to join, will train trainers (future disciple-makers) beginning June 20 at 5:30 a.m. here at the church. Choose ONE of these four plans, which will be led by the following people:
(Part 1, Cross, Thursdays beginning June 23),
Billy Bob
(Part 2, Personality, Wednesdays beginning June 22), Cliff (Part 3, Victory, Tuesdays, beginning June 21) and Mike (Part 4, Mission, Mondays, beginning June 20).   

Remember, you can only come to one session a week and once you choose, we want you to stick with that series for all seven weeks. So choose wisely! Pray for these and those who will go through these disciple-making courses.



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