Biblical clarity needed for the church

Christians are often more swayed by the world and do not seek out Biblical reasons for right and wrong. Here are 10 Biblical reasons why Christians should oppose homosexual marriage:

 1. God the Father created man and woman and declared it was very good—Gen. 1:27, 31. God declares marriage as a divine union, not merely a civil union.

 2. God the Son, Jesus, defined marriage as between a man and a woman—Matt. 19:4-5

 3. God the Spirit makes a man and a woman one flesh, according to Malachi 2:15, to procreate godly offspring. Gen. 2:23-24 says a mother and father are to procreate a female and another mother and father procreate a male and together they are to become one flesh.

 4. Religion, by its very nature, dictates morality for its adherents. The Bible, especially the New Testament, determines what is right and wrong for Christians.

 5. The world and societal norms are never to determine what is right and wrong for Christians.

 6. The Bible (1 Cor. 5:9-13) says the church is not to accept fornicators, including any sex outside of a married man and woman which includes homosexuality, any more than we would accept those who worship idols, covetous people, abusers, drunkards, or extortioners.

 7. Homosexuality is never affirmed in the Bible.

 8. Homosexuality is repeatedly condemned in Old and New Testament.

 9. All are born sinners. There is no justification for sin due to inclination, including premarital sex, extramarital sex, polygamy sex, incestual sex, animalistic sex, non-consentual sex (rape) and gay/lesbian sex. However, there is no homosexual DNA gene. Numerous people have switched to and from homosexuality as well as desired both due to sin nature, not genetic morality.

 10. The New Testament says marriage is to reflect a husband as Christ, the wife as the church.


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