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Christian Home Week Fall 2013, Monday

At the feet of Jesus (John 11:28-40)

An interesting study is one of Mary and Martha. Mary is frequently pictured at the feet of Jesus, while Martha is shown as busily working. John identified Mary in verse 2 to the future event when Mary would wash the Master’s feet. There was another time when Mary was at the feet of Jesus…
Read Luke 10:38-42. Which does Jesus say is more important, hearing from Him or doing for Him?
Which of the following is true? A) Serving God is bad B) Business can distract us from hearing from God C) People should only listen to God.
While both serving God and listening to God are both important, oftentimes we want to work for God rather than taking the time to listen to Him.
In John 11:21and 32, both Mary and Martha said the same thing. It is likely that they had been complaining about Jesus’ delay. Martha “the doer” went to talk to Jesus. Verse 20 says, “But Mary stayed seated in the house.” Describe the emotions that Mary must have felt?