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Christian Home Week Fall 2013: Preview

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life (John 11:1-27)
The Story of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, part 1 (Please use caution as you are opening up a new page and we are not responsible for its contents)

We have seen a lot of death in the past few weeks at FBC Killeen. Part of my testimony is that it was the death of my father when I was four and grandfather when I was six that led me to my Christian salvation. It was also the death of my parents at such a young age in their early 30s that led me to go into the ministry. If you are parents of young children, you may think death is too strong of a topic to discuss, but based on my testimony I would disagree. Children need to know about death and more importantly, the victory of Christ over the grave.

A natural place to turn to is John Chapter 11. But too often in this chapter, many readers will rush to see Jesus “resurrect” Lazarus (actually Lazarus is not truly resurrected, but raised from the dead). There are several lessons that we can learn…