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God's Prayer to Me (part 2)

Hello, again, my child. I have been watching over you since we last spoke. I have been waiting until you had time to come and I listened to your every word that you said to me. Now I come to you to remind you and to ask you to please know and understand that I am in charge. I know you are in need. Of course I see what your condition is. Do not think I am unaware. Yes I see and I care. There will be a victory soon as there has been all your life.
I have heard you say like Martha and Mary said to my Son, “Oh, Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died.” I hear you say that you don’t really see the difference in me allowing something to happen and me causing something to happen. My child, there is a difference. Do you not see that you also allow things to happen but do not cause them.
I am there with you, just as I am there in death and sickness and all sorts of evil in this world. Yes, things could always be different.Could heal every time? Yes, but you have no ide…