Christian Home Week Fall 2013, Sunday

He’s an On-Time God
(John 11:1-6)

Watch the story of the family tragedy and triumph from the Gospel of John here
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Today, we begin Christian Home Week centering on the Home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Last Friday, all the news agencies were focusing on the 50th Anniversary of President John F. Kennedy. The untimely death of anyone, but especially a young president full of charisma and hope, makes even the firmest of believers questioning the presence, power, and compassion of God and His timing. A new book states that a series of events could have prevented Kennedy's death; how much more could so many seemingly senseless deaths and tragedies be prevented if only God would intervene?

When Jesus left Jerusalemin John 10, verse 39 says that again the leaders sought to take Jesus, “but He escaped out of their hand.” Jesus had previously said He was not going to Jerusalem (John 7) and for good reason. After the Feast of the Dedication of the Temple (Hanukah), Christ went east, to the other side of the Jordan River, where John the Baptist had earlier worked.

Even though John did not perform miracles, many believed his prediction that a greater Person was coming after him. John’s witness of Jesus was proven true by Jesus words and miraculous works. John 10:42 says that many believed on Jesus there.

What is it about the Christian message that leads you to believe it is true?


In Jerusalem, Jesus was rejected and was even wanted dead, yet, just a few miles away, many were coming to salvation. Jesus knew His time on earth was short, and many were trusting in Him and responding positively there because of seeds sown by John the Baptist. No wonder Jesus did not go immediately to heal Lazarus!

All three siblings, Mary, Martha and Lazarus, were all still in the home of their father, Simon, indicating they were young, perhaps not much more than teenagers, and Lazarus was likely the youngest of the three. Yet all three had a fondness in Jesus’ heart, so much so that the sisters referred to their brother as “He whom you love.”

Sometimes your affections will tempt you to leave where you fully see God working in your ministry. Jesus was pulled by His earthly affections for His friends, yet prioritized His ministry. As a result, God received even greater glory than if Jesus had dropped everything and left.

When Jesus made the decision to go back to Jerusalem (Bethany is just east of the city), the disciples tried to talk Him out of it (verse 8). Jesus response was “Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walks in the day, he will not stumble.”

What exactly do you think He meant by that?_________________________


The disciples knew the danger Jesus would be in by returning to Jerusalem (verse 16). But both Jesus’ timing to stay and His decision to go fell on God’s perfect timing. When we pray for God to act or when He calls us to act, we need to look for His leadership. There’s a phrase that says, “God may not respond when you want Him to, but He is never late.” Trust God to answer your prayers on His time. Trust also to respond to God when He tells you to.

Pray This Prayer To God: “Lord, I commit my life to follow Your light. As long as You shine Your will clearly in my life, I will do my best to walk in Your time and in Your truth. Amen”


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