God's Prayer to Me (part 2)

Hello, again, my child. I have been watching over you since we last spoke. I have been waiting until you had time to come and I listened to your every word that you said to me. Now I come to you to remind you and to ask you to please know and understand that I am in charge. I know you are in need. Of course I see what your condition is. Do not think I am unaware. Yes I see and I care. There will be a victory soon as there has been all your life.

I have heard you say like Martha and Mary said to my Son, “Oh, Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died.” I hear you say that you don’t really see the difference in me allowing something to happen and me causing something to happen. My child, there is a difference. Do you not see that you also allow things to happen but do not cause them.

I am there with you, just as I am there in death and sickness and all sorts of evil in this world. Yes, things could always be different.  Could heal every time? Yes, but you have no idea of the consequences of that.  I could reconcile every time, but there are blessings unknown from the fact that I do not. I could manifest my presence by vanquishing all evil every time, but then this earth would be what heaven is like. Do you understand that as wonderful as what heaven is, there are things that happen on earth for good that can never happen in heaven; there are glories to be accomplished on earth that will have impact for all eternity.

No, I choose that in this short span of life to show myself in the midst of evil; to shine out like lights in the midst of darkness; to test you by faith. This seems cruel, I know, but so does child rearing at times, does it not? Does not a school teacher often seem heartless and cruel? Are there not times of trial in any sport or discipline? Playing the guitar or piano often seems grueling and cruel.  But look at the sounds of joy afterwards, the victory of accomplishment, the pleasure of success afterwards. Think of the breakthroughs in science which can only occur after months and years of research, which come on the heels of years of study and learning and trial and errors. Victories only come when there are obstacles to overcome . Look to your failures as necessary friends that bring you to a point of closeness to me.

Until next time, know that I am thinking of you...always.


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