Are you blest or bless-sed?

A Chronological Harmony of the Gospels Leading to Easter  2/23/2013
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     When people ask me how am I doing, I often say, “I am blessed” as in “blest.” I do not say, “I am bless-sed.” There is a difference.

     Today we look at the Beatitudes, and we ask, “What does it mean to be blessed?”
     Rather than give a definition, let’s look at Jesus description of those who are blessed. Blessed people are poor in spirit, they mourn, are meek, they hunger and thirst after righteousness, they are merciful, they are pure in heart, they make peace, are persecuted for righteousness' sake, they are reviled and persecuted.
     The bless-sed people are those who have those things as Jesus described, but if you were to merely look at the descriptions, you would not say those people are blessed/blest. Consider Mary the mother of Jesus was bless-sed, so told first by Gabriel, then Elizabeth, then even Mary said generations afterwards would call her bless-sed. Yet look at the heart-ache she endured in seeing her Son die on the cross.
     Luke quotes Jesus as saying that bless-sed people hunger, weep and are hated. In Luke 14:14, Jesus said we are bless-sed when people don’t pay us back with good things when we do good things for them. Matthew 25 says the bless-sed are those who feed the hungry, give to the thirsty, host strangers, give clothes to the needy, visit the sick and those in prison. Those without children are bless-sed as are those who never have seen Jesus but believe.
     Hmm. Just to be on the safe side, I may start saying “I’m fine.”  

Pray: "Dear God, make me a blessing in blessed times and bless-sed times. Let me count those blessings one by one and for those things that are blessings in disguise, let me give thanks to you in all things."


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