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Come out from among them and be separate...2 Cor. 6:16

I had a “friend” come out of the closet yesterday. I say friend in quotes because somehow we are friends on Facebook (where he announced his coming out), although I didn’t remember friending him.
    I remember “coming out” of a different closet so many years ago. Like my Facebook friend, many people said they were so proud of me for my announcement. For me, however, I did not come out to embrace my lifestyle but to admit that it was something I struggled with and want to stop behaving in that way.
    As humans, we all have closets in which we no longer need to hide. Closets are for clothes and shoes and for me, it is for things I do in private, including prayer. I am not ashamed of getting dressed in my closet but I would be ashamed if I did so in public. Both in dressing and addressing God in prayer, my closet provides me a place to privately deal with things that I would not like to do in public.
    There is a second part of coming out that my friend unfortunately did not…