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Sometimes (not often) I get discouraged in writing

Every once in a while, I wonder "Why do I write?" No one is reading and my books will never get published.

   Then someone will encourage me ... like Anne Cina who drew these cartoons that make me smile. She was inspired to do so by my column (click here). And lo and behold she even alliterated it (now why didn't I think about the three C's!).

   Now I really enjoy writing. I went to a C.S. Lewis Conference years ago and introduced myself as a "failed writer," to which someone said, "The only way you can be a failed writer is if you fail to write."

(I guess that is why she was a successful writer. Smart as a whip lady...and no sarcasm there, it really made an impact on me.)

   In fact, that was when I started this blog. And sure enough, just as Anne gets therapy out of drawing, I get true pleasure out of writing my blog and sharing my insights. Perhaps some day when I am dead and gone, these writings will still be on the web and someone will ge…