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26. Passing the Patience Test...With Pleasure, not Pressure

Here it is, the one you have all be WAITING for; the virtue of Patience!
How many times have you ever heard someone say, "Don't pray for patience. If you do, God will send you things that will test your patience."
But is that really true? Perhaps. Or perhaps, you have never learned how to endure the trial in patience in the first place and God simply sends you again and again to remedial school until you learn it. It is better for you to learn how to "pass the test" of patience. 
From our reading we see how the Lord is slow to anger, He is patient. (See Numbers 14:17-19). But the Lord is also patient in allowing us to execute punishment for our stubbornness (see Numbers 14:30-33). If you read the passages from Numbers, you might think that it is God who needs to learn patience, but in reality, God is testing Moses in this area and sure enough Moses passes the test. 
Like Moses, I too struggle with patience. No, I have never murdered an Egyptian for beating a Hebrew…