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The Revelation Song and Revelation 7:12

Today we look at the sixth and seventh virtues extolled to God in Rev. 7:12. This verse is tied to Rev. 5:12, when all the world will be praising the Lamb of God who was slain. That chorus and choir gets even larger and is repeated when those from the Great Tribulation come before God's throne. John the Revelator saw possibly three and a half billion people and possibly more singing a song about the Lamb. 
    I do not know what the song will sound like from every nation, tongue and tribe. If you have not seen the story behind "The Revelation Song," watch the link below.

     6. POWER. This is the fourth and final word that is used in Rev. 5:12, Rev. 5:13, and Rev. 7:12. Those four virtues (Blessing, Honor, Glory and Power) of God are especially significant. 
     This is the dunamis power from which we also get the word “dynamite.” The explosive was so named because when it was invented, the power seemed massive considering its relatively small size. It was as though t…