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Wisdom belongs to the Lord

What is true wisdom? Have you known people who are educated beyond their intelligence? Mark Twain said the sad thing about common sense is that it is not so common.
    Proverbs says the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. You may find numerous wise sayings, but true godly wisdom begins with knowing reverence of God.
    3. WISDOM. In Revelation 7:12 the third attribute to God praises God for His wisdom or in Greek “sophia.” This attribute of God is listed as the third attribute here and also third in Rev. 5:12. The Bible says in Luke 2:40, and again in 2:52 that when Jesus was on earth, He grew in wisdom. 
     Philippians 2 explains that Jesus who was God and equal with God, made Himself of no reputation, or as the Holman Christian Standard Bible translates it, “He emptied Himself” of some aspects of His omniscience or all-knowing attributes of wisdom when He took on flesh. If Christ grew in wisdom, how much more should we?
     While there is a realm of man’s wisdom, only…