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I clapped my hands and sang Glory!

    I cannot adequately explain "glory" but this past Tuesday, when Johnny Memphis sang "I Bowed My Knees and Cried Holy" at in our Fellowship Hall, it is a pretty good example!
    Johnny Memphis, the son of a long-time Killeen pastor and now an 'Elvis Tribute Artist,' sang for the Jesus Hope and Love Benefit and I immediately signed him up to sing at our Senior Adult Banquet on May 7. The song (click here to hear it) depicts what it will be like when we come into the presence of God in His Glory.

    2. GLORY. The second Greek word used for God by those holding palm branches also is a word we know in English, “doxa” from which we get the word “doxology” and “orthodox.” It means Glory, Splendor, Radiance. 
     Second on this list, it is also second from the last in the Rev. 5:12 passage, and like “Blessing” it is repeated in Rev. 5:13. We glorify God by praising Him for His glorious radiance and essence. 
     Paul told Titus that we are looking for the “bles…