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Are you Blessed? Then be a blessing!

Seven praise-worthy attributes of God      Today’s devotional and all this week is not about the specifics of the End Times, but rather an overview of praise-worthy attributes of God, as found in Revelation 7:9-12. 
     The exclamation of seven “virtues” of God in this passage is different than the song of the Redeemed found in Revelation 5:9-10, which will be sung by all of those who are redeemed by the Lamb of God in heaven at the beginning of the tribulation on earth. It is also a different but very similar to the praise given to Christ, the Lamb, found in Rev. 5:12-13. 
    Revelation 7:12 is specifically given by the martyrs who will sacrifice their lives during the Great Tribulation, the seven years after the rapture of the church but prior to Jesus’ Second Coming when He will establish His rule on earth. These Tribulation martyrs will be clothed in white robes in heaven and hold in their hands palm branches.So, what are the seven praise-worthy attributes of God and how do they co…