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Palm Branches remind us our earthly "tents" will one day be "mansions"

Why Palm Branches? When Jesus rode in to Jerusalem they waved and laid palm branches on the road before Him. True, they are a naturally made pennant banner, fit for "fans" of Jesus to wave. And in the spring warmth/heat, they also are fit for fans to wave to beat the heat. (Okay, don't groan, I promise no more puns...this devotional gets better.)

    For the next two Sundays, in observance of Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday, we are taking a break from BELIEVE (the book) to concentrate on some “beliefs” we have that are not necessarily stated in our study on “BELIEVE.” This Sunday, April 9, we are at the mid-point of the final third section concentrating on ten virtues of our faith. I suggest that we look at the prophetic return of Christ and the seven “virtues” of God proclaimed by those with palm branches in Revelation 7:9.

     I use the word “virtues” in quotes because we typically think of virtues as being for people and not the Lord. Thematically, we are disc…