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Review/Preview Take a look back and then look ahead

All this week, Feb. 19 through the 25th, I encourage you to take a breath from BELIEVE (the book not your faith) and review what we've studied. The first ten weeks, we studied theology of what we think about God, or "How to Think Like Jesus." 

    During the second ten weeks, we studied the practicality of how we put into action the things of God, or "How to Act Like Jesus." We studied last week how to tell others, and before that, we had a three week trilogy of how to give of our resources and of our time and of our giftednesses. We also saw how we need to be involved in a Biblical community, the church. That ten week series began with a focus first inwardly as we saw in week 11 how to worship, then pray, study our Bible, be single-minded on God and be totally surrendered to Him.

    This week, as you pause, reflect on how you can be a trinity within yourself. In MasterLife, Book 2, Avery Willis taught six sessions of five days a week on how our human tri-u…