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Believe Chapter 19 Giving of My Resources

The broad road Jesus spoke about could easily describe the American Dream. People want to get more things, and yet they find the more they acquire, the less they are satisfied. When people give to a cause that they believe in, they receive the truest satisfaction. 

     Ask yourself this, “Have I made a purchase that immediately made me dissatisfied?” Was that restaurant meal with the family really worth $50? Think about the testimonies of people who gave of their time and money to go to on mission or to help the less fortunate. Think about people who gave to help missionaries go. Or those who helped give a backpack for a needy school student. Or sacrificially gave to the general offering, so that churches can keep going.
    As you think this week about Giving of Resources, remember that “God so loved the world He gave…”
The following devotional comes from Zondervan.
KEY QUESTION: How do I best use my resources to serve God and others?
Jesus said more about money than the topics of hea…