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Chapter 18: Offering My Time

Time is far more valuable than we think, especially to children … and to God. In fact, I think giving your time to God may be more important than giving your money. Why? Because you can always get more money, but you cannot get more time.
     Time and money invested in the kingdom will pay off in eternity, where time and money have no value. The souls of others, on the other hand, have immeasurable value for all of time and eternity.
     God even listed devoting your time (but not your money) in the Ten Commandments, in which he commanded us to give one-seventh of our days to Him, or more than 14 percent, compared to returning a tithe (or 10%) percent of our possessions and earnings.

    The next time you think about investments, consider what you are investing your time into.  

    Today’s devotional from Zondervan is on giving our time to the Lord. We will study Chapter 18 Sunday, February 5, at FBC Killeen.

KEY QUESTION: KEY QUESTION: How do I best use my time to serve God a…