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17: Spiritual Gifts -- No Excuse To Not Share Your Story

Last August FBC Killeen had “This Is My Story” month. Numerous people wrote down their salvation testimonies. Several deacon candidates shared the gospel story and how it changed their lives.

     I believe that month-long emphasis influenced the Bell Baptist Association, a group of nearly one hundred churches in our county, to title our evangelism conference Sharing HIS Story In Our Story. That conference will be February 7th at Taylor's Valley Baptist Church in Temple and will feature Randy Frazee who wrote both The Story and Believe curricula. Johnny Hunt, a pastor and soul winner from Georgia, will also come and preach us to use our gifts, our story, and God's love to reach the world.

You can register for the meal at the February 7th Conference by clicking here.

    You may not be gifted as a teacher, a speaker, even gifted in knowledge or wisdom. You may not be a deacon or a pastor or a writer of curriculum. But God has endowed you with at least one spiritual gift…