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15. What is the source of inspiration of martyrs?

Before Peter totally surrendered to God, his first obstacle was self-absorption (“Even if all these stumble because of You, I will never be made to stumble” Matt. 26:33). His second obstacle was self-reliance (Peter cut off a man’s ear trying to help the Son of Living God out). His third was self-protection (“I do not even know the Man” Matt. 26:74).
But when Pentecost came, what a wonderful change in his life has been wrought since Jesus came into his heart. The Holy Spirit of Jesus was baptized into Peter’s heart, and Peter experienced self-denial and total surrender. Before, he had been terrorized by a servant girl into denying Christ. Fifty days later, Peter denied Himself and risked it all by preaching the stars down and 3,000 were saved!
I don’t have this on Biblical authority, but it is very possible that the future deacon and future first martyr Stephen was in this group of converts. If so, as one of BELIEVE’s “Inspiration of Martyrs,” (see Believe, page 250) Stephen was influen…