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15. Total Surrender does not just mean risking failure; it will mean failure

Think about these phrases…
“But even if God does not deliver us from your fiery furnace, we will not serve your gods.”
“If I perish, I perish.”
“Lord I am ready to go with you to prison and to death.”
And then this one: “I do not know the man.”
Three Hebrew youth pledged their lives and were thrown in a fiery furnace. A young beautiful girl was willing to perish but instead saved a nation.
Peter pledged to go to prison and to death. He even tried to defend Jesus on his own power, as if he was going to take down an entire army of soldiers, one ear at a time.
I really feel badly for Peter. He pledged. He struck with a sword, only to be told to put it back in its sheath by the Man he was trying to defend. Sometimes a total surrender means not trying to handle it yourself and instead let God handle you.
Have you ever tried to do the right thing, only to feel the stinging rebuke from the very one you want to please? It feels a little bit like the ALS challenge from a couple of years ago…
…except w…