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Chapter 13, Bible Study: Is God's Word alive and active in you?

The following was originally published on Aug. 25 in preparation for BELIEVE
      I keep thinking about Randy's illustration of the 12th man in our congregation and making our church relevant. I love studying the Bible but as the following devotional asks, does our Bible studying make a difference in our lives? If it does, our behavior and our being should be becoming more and more like Christ.

     And if we are becoming more like Christ, we will not be merely cheering in the stands, waiting for the coach to put us on the field.

     I told our LifeGroup teachers in preparing for Believe that the goal of a good teacher is not to merely teach information, but to teach to transform individuals. Read today’s devotional and ask yourself “Am I studying the Bible for information or transformation?”
     When Jesus finished His Teaching on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), He concluded with two foundations: a foolish man built his house upon the sand and a wise man built his house upon the rock.” …