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12. Praying beyond merely "Our Father..."

We should observe how Jesus prayed. 1)   Privately–Luke 11:1, Matt. 6:5-8, 14:23; Mark 1:35; Luke 9:18 “As He was praying” / “Go into your closet” Jesus prayed like, as they say, “no one was watching.” A century ago, these were called “secret devotions”. Now we say “Quiet Times” or devotionals with the Lord alone, preferably early in the morning. 2)   Personally–Luke 11:2-4, Mark 14:36   “Our Father” (only 59 words in the Lord’s prayer) / “Abba, Father” There is an intimacy that Jesus prayed with God and that He encouraged us to pray intimately as well. 3)   Persistently–Luke 11:5-8, 18:1-8; Matt. 7:7-11; 15:21-28; 26:41-44   “because of his persistence” Our Lord instructed us to pray with diligence and persistence. 4)   Purposefully–Matt. 6:7-8; Mark 11:34   “vain repetitions” / “whatever things you ask when you pray,” In our persistence, it is also with purpose. Repetitions is not what Jesus spoke against but mindless, purposeless rote prayers. 5)   Powerfully–Luke 11:9-10; Matt. 21:21-22, J…