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11. The Worth of Worship

“How much is it worth to you?”      As a kid, I remember hearing and using that phrase, meaning “Sure, I’ll do something for you, but it is going to cost you.” I’ve been in my current house nearly seven years and it needs updating. But for the past forever it seems like it has also been in need of major repairs (roof, air conditioning, pool, garage door, carpet). I’ve not been able to update the house because of the cost of the upkeep.      How much is God worth to you?      Sometimes my relationship with God is not what it should be for the same reason my house is not where it should be. I have so many “needs” that when I come to God to worship Him, my needs seem to overwhelm my knees bowing to declare how much He is worth to me.
Unlike a house, God doesn’t need updating. I do. He doesn’t need me to worship Him. I do.He’s not demanding I declare His worth to Him. I need to express His worth and worthiness of my worship. My needs, no matter how much they seem to me, are not more deman…