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Chapter 9: Stewardship...On Loan From God

The following was originally posted on Aug. 23.  Do you remember Dr. Randy Wallace’s illustration from Sunday about the rancher who gave him the keys to the ranch? We don’t have the ownership to the kingdom of God, but we do have the keys! We have access of what gates get opened and what gates get closed.
That is an excellent illustration not only of the keys to the kingdom, which Randy preached from in Jesus’ encounter with Peter in Matthew 16:15-19, but also with all of our possessions and talents. A certain radio personality says that he has “Talent on loan from God.” You may or not like the personality, but isn’t it true that ALL of our talents are merely loaned to us from God and by God and only maintained by His grace?
Last week a person came in for benevolence help and when I asked where she went to church, she indignantly replied, “I don’t go to church! Churches don’t help anybody.” To which I replied, “We can only help other as people give to us.”
We don’t get government gr…