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Why is Compassion so important?

Jesus wants to shock us into caring with compassion. Many Christians simply will not show compassion and mercy and forgiveness, even though Jesus strongly and repeatedly commanded us to love as He loved us.
     As I mentioned on Wednesday night in the Believe class, it has been hard to write anything on Compassion. Yes I have had a busier than normal week. But I believe it’s more than that. I am truly pondering the lavishness of God’s love and compassion on me and us as sinners, both redeemed and unredeemed.      I also ponder that many of those whom we show compassion on do not always respond with faith, repentance, change, or with a more godly lifestyle.
     I also know that often times, my heart becomes jaded against being compassionate on those who are only wanting a hand out and not wanting to really allow God to change them.
“So, if you need food, go to a grocery store,”I could and have said. “If you need money, go to the bank. Need gas? Go to the gas station. Why come to the …