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Believe in the Church as a Family

The Church Family      I love Ephesians because it talks so much about the church as a chosen people (1:4, 14), as a building (2:19-22), as a fellowship (3:9), as a family (3:14-15), as a body (4:15-16), as a bride (5:23-32).  Today I want to emphasize our relationship in Christ as a family. We were born into the human race, but also into a family. In the same way, the born-again Christian is born into the universal church, but we also must be involved as members within the local family of believers.
     One qualification for a pastor in 1 Timothy 3:5 is that he manages his family well, with the reasoning that if he cannot manage his family, how can he manage the church. Why would that be a condition of a pastor if it was not also true that the church should be like a family? Since our church is a family, we as members should treat one another as brothers and sisters.
     What impact does this have on us being interdependent on one another? One of the strongest passages on our relatio…