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Believe in the Church: We will make melody together

Did you know you could make melody simply by coming to church and you don't even have to be a part of the choir?

     The word "member" conveys the idea that we have a relationship, a fellowship, with one another. The Greek word melos means literally "limb" or "part" of the body and is where we get the word "melody." It is this thought when Paul wrote in Romans 12:4-5, "we are members of one another."

    The early Greek writers would only use melos in the plural sense,  which really emphasizes how much we need one another. Yet some people do not understand the importance of being a member of the local church. They feel that being a Christian and a part of the universal church is enough. They say, "I don't have to go to a building to worship God."

    Rick Warren summarizes C.S. Lewis' thought on church membership by saying, "Any organ that is detached from the body will not only miss what it was create…