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Believe Chapter 3: Salvation -- It's all about that Grace

All this week, we will be looking at our salvation. Our key idea this week is this: I believe a person comes into a right relationship with God by God’s grace through faith in Jesus. Christ.
   I hope all who read this foundational belief do in fact have salvation. When I was a youth minister, a teenage boy came to Christ and went home and told his father that he had been saved. The father, unimpressed and unexcited by the news, responded, “Saved from what?”
    The boy did not know how to respond. I fear that many Christians today do not know exactly from what we have been saved, for what we are being saved, and to where we will be saved.
     Last week we saw that we have a personal God who passionately cares for us, purposefully plans for us and prioritizes His good for us. Now that we know who God is (week one) and believe that God knows us (week two), we need to see what type of relationship we can have with this God.
     Our salvation comes by God’s grace. What do we mean…