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18 (pt. 2). The Supply of Nourishment: "a table before me"

Psalm 23:5a March 22
By now (perhaps long before now), many of you reading this may say this is way too much analysis. Perhaps, but I simply share what God shares with me. I love the 23rd Psalm, perhaps as much as I love the Gospel of John. Hence I write as though something, perhaps His great love, compels me, not really caring who reads this or what is thought of my rambling writings. Lesson 18 became way too long, so I expanded this part of verse 5 as 5a, part 2. The Provision: God provides a table of spiritual nourishment. Nowhere in the Old Testament is the word table used for a “tableland” of grass. Clearly the table is symbolic parable for spiritual food which the Lord prepared for me. This “table” is filled with abundant spiritual nourishment. When Peter professed his love for Christ, in his three-fold restoration at the Sea of Galilee found in John 21, Christ responded with one command “Feed My lambs…shepherd My sheep…Feed My sheep.”
The Apostle Paul also was concerned that th…