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13. The Shadow of Death: the inevitable rendezvous

Psalm 23:4b
March 15
In Israel there is an actual valley called the shadow of death. Pastor Adrian Rogers description continues, "Even in high noon, it’s always full of shadows.And there are caves there, and shadowy places there. And in Bible times there were bears there, and hyenas there, and leopards there, and there were robbers, and there were steep places where sheep might fall and it was a frightening place with grotesque shadows on the canyon walls.And the shepherds had named it the valley of the shadow of death."
Death. There is a singular word for what we use four words to say “the shadow of death.” It is used elsewhere than besides the 23rd Psalm (Job 24:17; Ps. 44:19, 107:10, 14; Jer. 2:6, and a dozen other places) and we all must go through the “death-Shadow.” Ever since the fall in the garden of Eden, humanity has had a rendezvous with death.
Something about death seems unnatural. We grieve at death and avoid thinking of death, even though 100 percent of all people…